What’s Wrong with Adobe Version Cue – Part 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a laundry list of items that Adobe needs to improve or fix in the current release of Version Cue CS4 server in order for it to become a truly usable solution for design workgroups.  After consulting with our designers and considering the problems that I have run into myself as an IT administrator I have found 11 things that I think Adobe needs to address, that if remedied would make Version Cue CS4 a home run for our design and programming group and I would imagine for many other design workgroups as well. Of course, my complaints are not limited to just these items. There’s only so much time in a day, so I’m focusing on what I think are the worst offenders. The more you use Version Cue CS4 the more you may discover on your own,

Many of the complaints that I will list below and in future posts are only issues that they have created since the CS4 upgrade. Version Cue CS3 server is actually a great product, but for some reason Adobe took two steps backwards (that’s me being generous) with the latest release.

  1. Fix SMB/Photoshop stuttering bug.
  2. Stop “Phoning Home” with checked out files.
  3. Checked out files should be easy to find on the local system.
  4. Bring back synchronization of projects.
  5. Improve reliability to prevent data loss.
  6. Integrate flash with Version Cue.
  7. Better documentation.
  8. Bridge & Adobe Drive Should Display Accurate Info About File Status
  9. Checked out files shouldn’t disappear from the server
  10. More flexible permissions on projects.
  11. Implement scheduled server level backup.

1. Fix SMB/Photoshop stuttering bug.

If there was one thing in the current release of Version Cue CS4 that needs to addressed immediately it is the admitted Windows file sharing/SMB bug. According to Adobe, if you run Windows file sharing either on the Version Cue server or anywhere on your network you run the risk of having issues with Photoshop when connected to a Version Cue server. In my experience, it’s more than just a risk. I can duplicate the issue on 2 separate installs on different physical hardware.

These issues include slow and/or sluggish performance when doing (but not limited to) any of the following in a Photoshop document while connected to the Version Cue server through Adobe Drive: selecting a layer, dragging a layer, editing text, changing the color of text or shapes, using the magnifier tool.

The performance issues typically manifest themselves as stuttering, whereby after selecting a layer with the mouse it can take up to 7 seconds (or more) for the layer to actually be selected. That may not seem like a long time, but if you are a designer used to working in Photoshop, that can feel like an eternity. In addition, we are running on very state-of-the-art hardware. And we know with 100% certainty that the problem does not exist when Version Cue server is removed from the mix.

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in getting Adobe to fix the problems with version cue CS4 to submit either a feedback requests or a bug report form. They are both accessed from the same link. Select version cue from the product list, and if you aren’t sure what to write, copy and paste what I’ve written above. Feel free to submit feedback for every issue as they have told me on more than one occasion that this is the best way to get them to change or fix version cue.

Please continue reading on to the next article: What’s Wrong with Adobe Version Cue – Part 2

6 Responses to What’s Wrong with Adobe Version Cue – Part 1

  1. Ludovic says:

    Hi, thank you for your excellent posts, Adobe being so silent about this product. Another suggestion : I use VC CS4 locally on my own MacBook Pro, and I’ve discovered Time Machine doesn’t backup the Adobe Drive folder… I’ve explored all the parameters, but it seems Time Machine doesn’t “see” this folder. Maybe it is because Adobe Drive is considered as a mounted volume…
    With VC CS3, Time Machine worked fine…

    • Doug Smart says:

      It won’t back up the mounted volume of your version cue server, but under your version cue preferences you can specify where your data files are stored. That is where Time machine will back up your files. There is also a “local copy” of your files that is stored in:

      /Users/userfolder/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS4ServiceManager/diskcache/

      The disk cache folder is where files go once they are checked out. Unfortunately, since they do not have an extension, your computer will not know what type of file they are. We have often needed to add the extension to those files such as .PSD in order to recover them after the Adobe drive database got corrupted.

  2. anne says:

    We’ve been having so many problems with Adobe CS4 VC at my office. We made the upgrade and now not everyone sees files that are supposed to be in version cue or can’t get the drive to connect properly. It’s driving me nuts.

    • Doug Smart says:

      There’s lots of us who feel your pain. Please submit feedback to Adobe and share your problems. This blog and Twitter are my main outlets. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Terry West says:


    thanks for your blog. We were starting to embark on moving from shared drive repositories to VCM aligned with our CS4 shift, and starting to run into problems. Your blog probably saved us uncounted hours of frustration with VCM CS4. Looks like we should dig out our VCM CS3 disks and use that until VCM CS4 is stable.

    Does anyone have a link to a good analysis of small-group change management systems for Adobe? Here at our company we use SVN and VSS for software, but these (in my understanding) are really designed around text based files and choke on large binaries… never mind have no path to video file management & tagging.


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