What’s Wrong With Version Cue – Part 4

Improve reliability to prevent data loss.

Using Version Cue CS4 to manage your files is a lot like gambling. You may win a few hands, but the house always wins. Unlike with gambling, when Version Cue wins it doesn’t take your money, it takes your files and all of your hard work and simply makes them disappear like a Vegas magician.

On average, I need to help someone track down a lost file at least once or twice a week. The only reason it is even that low is because most of our designers have stopped using Version Cue except to check in the final version. When Version Cue eats your file it could be in the local cache folder or it could be somewhere on the server. The frustrating thing is that there is no way to tell without a painstaking manual search.

I spend even more time each week just helping people get connected to Version Cue server using Adobe drive. It is in fact so unreliable that I still can’t figure out how the software ever made it out of beta testing. Reconnecting typically involves deleting the database files stored in the /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS4ServiceManager/database folder (on the Mac). Most of the time this fixes the problem. But not always. And if you do ever run into this problem be sure to quit the “CS4ServiceManager” process before deleting those files.

Integrate Flash with Version Cue.

There’s not really much to be said here except that Adobe completed the acquisition of Macromedia in April of 2005. Over four years later they still have not managed to integrate flash fully into their products. Really Adobe!!?!!

This happens all too often to companies that have a monopoly position and therefore find it unnecessary to continue to improve their products because, after all, what’s the point if the web and design community have no other option. Adobe keeps raking in the software licensing dollars while businesses and consumers are forced to pay for the “right” to use their software.

Better documentation

This is worth mentioning for the simple fact that Adobe has no idea how Version Cue CS4 really works because they have no internal documentation. To confirm this, all you need to do is call customer support and ask for assistance with Version Cue. They really have no idea how it works. I know this is true because having called in to customer support enough times I’ve discovered several instances where customer service has admitted that certain features are not documented.

It is also evident that their documentation is severely lacking because they were unable to provide me with any documentation for how to install an SSL certificate on the Version Cue CS4 server. I was left to figure it out on my own despite having a paid maintenance/support contract for 20+ licenses of Photoshop. To this day, my documentation for installing an SSL certificate is the only documentation they have on the matter and can be found in the Adobe forum or on the Version Cue help pages. Additionally, while troubleshooting secure connections Adobe Support had me update the “External URL” under the advanced preferences as a workaround. This was an undocumented feature that they “thought” might help.

Submit Feedback

As always, I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in getting Adobe to fix the problems with Version Cue CS4 to submit either a feedback requests or a bug report form. They are both accessed from the same link. Select Version Cue from the product list, and if you aren’t sure what to write, copy and paste what I’ve written above. Feel free to submit feedback for every issue as they have told me on more than one occasion that this is the best way to get them to change or fix Version Cue.

2 Responses to What’s Wrong With Version Cue – Part 4

  1. Chad says:

    Have you managed to get no satisfaction from Adobe on this? I have encountered the same issues that you have, but fortunately we have not shelled out the cash for CS4 yet. Nor will we until Adobe gets their act together. It is telling that they have posted no further updates on the support site, that the blog is down, and all talk of the SDK is totally MIA. What is really bad that as a result, many of the applications that you could get to replace VC don’t yet work with CS4. And Adobe still does nothing, says nothing, even after getting what I would imagine is a plethora of calls like yours. Will they not put you in touch with someone from the VersionCue Engineering Team? Crazy.

    • Doug Smart says:

      Adobe support (Yes we paid for that “punch line”) is useless. I opened several cases disclosing bugs and they either respond with useless information by typically clueless individuals or they don’t respond at all. Not sure which is worse. When I finally spoke to a product specialist we basically said that it was a known bug but they probably wouldn’t fix it (I’m paraphrasing). His suggestion, along with a few others at Adobe, was to submit feedback because that was the only way to get it fixed. That’s why i encourage everyone to click the feedback link and let them have it for their horrible joke of a software release.


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