What’s Wrong With Version Cue CS4 – Part 5

  • Bridge & Adobe Drive Should Display Accurate Info About File Status
  • Checked out Files Shouldn’t Disappear from the Server
  • More Flexible Permissions on Projects
  • Implement Scheduled Server Level Backup

Bridge & Adobe Drive Should Display Accurate Info About File Status

Bridge and Drive (but especially Adobe Bridge) do not always display status information about a file correctly, such as whether it is checked out or up-to-date. It may seem like a small issue, but when you’re trying to determine which file you need to work on or whether your changes were saved, your task becomes increasingly difficult when the status information is not displayed correctly. Oftentimes quitting Adobe Bridge and relaunching will solve the problem, but that is a lousy way to have to work.

Checked out Files Shouldn’t Disappear from the Server

This occurs most often with Adobe Drive. When you check out a file directly from Adobe Drive, instead of the file information about that file updating to indicate that it is checked out, the file simply disappears from the server. Perhaps it is made invisible or moved to a temporary folder (add that to the long list of Version Cue CS4 mysteries). But when this happens it essentially means that until the file is checked back in there is no record of the file existing unless you open Adobe Bridge. Then you must hope that the file status is up to date as to whether it is checked out or not. Considering that Adobe has rewritten the server and client from the ground up to support Adobe Drive, you would think that they would not force you to open Adobe Bridge to see if a file even exists.

More Flexible Permissions on Projects

This is one of those things that is no different between Version Cue CS4 and CS3, but would be extremely helpful from a security standpoint. As it currently stands right now you cannot set permissions on a per project basis. If you have a group of users you can assign that group permissions but those permissions apply to all projects on the server. In a perfect world, you would be able to set global permissions but also disable inheritance of those permissions on certain projects and assign only specific groups or users to individual projects where necessary. This is just a basic security principle that all enterprises follow.

Implement Scheduled Server Level Backup

It is time to address server level backups in Adobe Version Cue. Currently, it is only possible to do a manual server level back up. While project backups can be scheduled, it is crazy to think that you cannot back up the whole server without manually logging in and clicking the backup button. And to make matters worse, if you do click the backup button, the server becomes unavailable. This means if you try to manually backup your Version Cue server during the day you will prevent all of your users from connecting to the Version Cue server while it is performing the backup. This can actually take quite some time depending on the size of your Version Cue data folder. Even if your design workgroup is not a 24-hour shop, if you’re like us, there is a good chance that designers could be connecting to the Version Cue server at any time. So it makes it impossible to backup the server without potentially affecting staff members trying to get some work done. I don’t know of any other system that disables itself during a backup.

Submit Feedback

As always, I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in getting Adobe to fix the problems with Version Cue CS4 to submit either a feedback requests or a bug report form. They are both accessed from the same link. Select Version Cue from the product list, and if you aren’t sure what to write, copy and paste what I’ve written above. Feel free to submit feedback for every issue as they have told me on more than one occasion that this is the best way to get them to change or fix Version Cue.

If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Chad says:

    Did you see the open letter from Adobe Support to the customers apologizing for the crappy customer service and issue resolution? I think that you should follow up on behalf of all of us using the information you have collected here (I could not have put any of it myself). Feel free to include my name and email as a pissed off customer. I am sure others on here would be on board as well. I am also going to follow up with them again. Maybe with the new policy we can beat some sense into them on this thing.

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