Adobe Apologizes for Support (Or Lack Thereof)

Adobe has been in the news quite a bit recently, most notably their wimpering/whining about how Apple is being unfair by not including an Adobe technology that is at best only a beta and at worst simply vaporware; namely Flash. Of course, they are also whining about how Apple has disallowed Adobe’s Flash CS5 to create apps for the iPhone. I only mention it because aside from being ridiculous and a little humorous it’s not the first time Adobe has been in the news for something that doesn’t paint them in the best light.

Back in September of 2009 Adobe wrote another Open Letter. But last time it was to their customers regarding their lack of quality support. I was one of those Adobe customers who deserved an apology due to their lack of support with my company’s Version Cue Server issues. And as far as I’m concerned the Open Letter apology was useless and as far as I can tell changed nothing about the quality of their support operations.

As best I can tell when I WAS dealing with Adobe support they had all of 2 people in the company who knew anything about Version Cue Server and I soon discovered that I knew as much if not more about it in most instances. To this day I’m the only one who documented how to configure Version Cue to use SSL. Instead of improving their support and adding more developers to improve what could really be a great source control program for a design group they let Version Cue wither on the vine and just recently announced (if you can call not mentioning something an announcement) that they were no longer shipping Version Cue as of CS5.

I of course have known this for several months as I was invited to be part of some sort of beta program that required an NDA. Turned it out it was a sham and they offered it to me under the guise of letting me help them improve Version Cue and Adobe Drive, but not a single one of my posts in their discussion forums were ever responded to and eventually they confirmed that Version Cue was DOA.

In the end all they accomplished was to shut me up for a while (but I’ll let my daughter take most of the credit for me not having time to write recently) as well as cause me to lose all faith in the company as a whole. All in all not a great plan since I’m in charge of buying/recommending all software in my company with a little less than 100 people. Adobe, I can assure you that I’m buying Adobe alternatives for every possible product and will continue to do so whenever possible.

For those interested in the actual letter, you can read it below. Thanks reader to Chad Jackson for pointing out the link to me. A nice personal touch for Adobe would have been to actually send it to their customers.

Adobe Apologizes for Support (or Lack Thereof)

Adobe Open Letter

Original Blog Post

I am just about finished testing a Version Cue server replacement at my company. Please check back as I will be detailing the setup and migration process that we take to get rid of Version Cue once and for all.

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