Enough With the iPhone Antenna Brewhaha

This issue just goes to show you the kind of power that the internet and some bloggers have to get their information (sensationalist at times) picked up by the mainstream media in addition to how eager the mainstream media and other bloggers are to regurgitate unverified information.

It also shows just how much some bloggers want to see apple fail (because they of course get most of their money from Microsoft) and slamming apple is a guarantee of hits and additional add revenue, so why not pile on. Google’s nexus had similar problems (Just one such example…you can find more from your favorite search engine…Nexus One Issues), but who cares, that doesn’t pay the blogging bills.

I can tell you I have an iPhone 4 and haven’t had any issues in normal usage. It’s way better than my last one. I’m not saying Apple doesn’t have a problem, just that it’s blown WAY out of proportion. Chuck Schumer, a Democratic Senator, even took the time to write Apple a Letter stating his concern. I hope the press conference today will help everyone move on.

And another thing, why does every “scandal” need to be called “Scandal-Gate”. Have you heard people refer to this as “Antenna Gate”? Really People? Watergate was the name an office complex!! Gate has nothing to do with a Conspiracy!

The real death grip

The Real Death Grip

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