WordPress Hosting

Due to popular demand, I am happy to announce that beginning in 2011 OutSmart Computers is going to be offering Web Hosting with a special focus on helping businesses and individuals get a WordPress Web Site and/or Blog up and running as quickly as possible.

Here at OutSmart we strongly recommend any existing or new site be built upon WordPress because it is a great content management platform and blogging platform, it is highly extendable, scalable, reliable, and secure. But best of all it is extremely easy to use. As we say here at OutSmart, “if you can use webmail (such as gmail), then you can use wordpress”. It really is that easy!!

What we hope to do with Web Hosting here at OutSmart is help our customers with the more difficult components of setting up a website, namely registering the domain, pointing it at the right server through DNS, and quickly getting to a working site that not only looks great but only requires that they start adding their content, which after all is the most important part of any website.

Our servers run on a secure and reliable Linux Operating System powered by cPanel, MySQL, and Lightspeed web server running in the Dediserve Dallas DataCenter . Lightspeed Web Server is a much faster web server than Apache, which most hosting companies run, making your site hosted with OutSmart load much faster than on most other web servers. Full server backups are taken every day so you can be sure that your web site is safe. Offsite WordPress backups are available depending on which hosting package you choose or for an extra fee.